The man knows what he’s doing. Guido Eickelbeck (born in 1965) competed in his first race at age 6. His talent was quickly discovered and he was first invited to join the German National Team, became a pro with Team Stuttgart and ended his cycling career as a member of Team Telekom.

In the early 90’s, Guido Eickelbeck worked for Mercedes Benz in Sport Marketing where he then became the Sport Event Manager.

For 15 years Guido oversaw, as VIP Manager, celebrities from sport, show business, politics and business for the companies German Telecom, T-Mobile and Formula 1.

In 2009, Guido Eickelbeck started up his own company, relocated to Mallorca in 2010 and will soon expand to Luxembourg.


Guido Eickelbeck’s team consists of retired cycling pros, professional athletes and experienced guides.

The team who, together ride over 10,000km per year on the island, knows Mallorca like the back of its’ hand.

“Cycle Hard, Play Hard” – Guido and his team understand that, as well as focused, tough training, fun and enjoyment should also be part of the training plan. Therefore, VIP-Cycling teams up with tantalising restaurants and the best hotels on Mallorca.




A true energy bundle, Sandra uses cycling as a way to release, use and enjoy her never ending supply of energy.

Whether cycling on the streets of Germany, on the island of Mallorca – which she now calls home or as an indoor cycling instructor, professional training and focused drive are of utmost importance to Sandra.  But, never fear, she would be the last one to forget that the “fun factor” must be taken into consideration as well. And, Sandra knows how to have fun!   Her motto is. “Life is like riding a bike, you have to keep peddling to move forward and not lose your balance.”


Anja Kallenbach

Anja Kallenbach is the paramount cyclist. No mountain pass is too high, no idea too crazy when it is connected to cycling – and she has accomplished some amazing feats! Like crossing the alpes along from Vienna to Nice. In her spare time, Anja can be found working as a photo model for international cycling brands. A part of our team, Anja is a valuable and expert guide. In her „real life“ she teaches high school math and biology in Germany. Anja speaks German, English and French.


Conny Cyrus

Conny Cyrus started her cycling career at the tender age of 10! After attending German athletic academies as a teen, she became a valued member of the German National Cycling Team where she experienced her biggest international successes. As a junior she won the World Championship in track cycling. She went on to become a multiple German National Road Race Champion as well as being runner-up for several years in both road and track cycling. She also rode with Germanys most successful womans’ pro team, “Nuremberg Versicherung” for three years. Conny holds a degree in Health Management.


Tatiana Ivanova

Tatiana is been cycling with VIP CYCLING since September, 2014. She loves cycling for so many reasons including that it improves there brainpower,  relationships, health and happiness.  Not bad, right? When you cycle you are in control of how hard you work, therefore it is an ideal low impact activity even for those who haven’t been exercising regularly.  A sport that challenges and strengthens the body, sharpens and stimulates the mind and caresses the soul with the pure joy of flying at ground level – you can’t get much better than that!


Heiko Salzwedel

Heiko Salzwedel is the legendary German cycling trainer. He was behind the success of the Danish, Australian and British national track teams. Recently he helped develop the Russian cycling project, Russvelo. Currently, Heiko is working on several projects as well as being a valued consultant for the UCI. With Heilko Salzwedel on our team, guests will be entertained by his fascinating stories about everything that has to do with the sport of cycling. And, there is no one more capable of giving you important professional training tips! Heiko Salzwedel speaks German, English and Russian.